OFF brings art and design together to create objects and environments as playful and sculptural as they are elegant and modern. The collaboration between Serban Ionescu and J McDonald brings their backgrounds in and a love for architecture and design together with perspectives formed through years of artistic exploration in painting, sculpture and installation. In addition to their own line of furniture and showing their work in art gallery settings, OFF works with clients to realize custom objects and spaces and bring ideas into the tangible world. Part architecture office, part artist studio, part fabrication shop, OFF is equipped to work with clients through all stages of small and large projects, from initial concept to a fully realized object or space. OFF aim to blur traditional distinctions between art and design, bringing concept and whimsy into dialogue with contemporary design.

J McDonald is an artist, designer and fabricator based in Brooklyn, NY. His artwork, primarily sculpture and installation, has been exhibited throughout NYC and has taken him as as far as West Africa, where he researched local building methods and built numerous structures, both architectural and sculptural. J also owns and manages Shape Studio, a fabrication shop where he has honed utilized his understanding of material, craft, and detail.

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Serban Ionescu (b.1984) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has taught Architecture design studio at RPI in Troy, NY and started OFF - a design studio. His Architecture background and interest allows for the works to vary in medium, function and scale - spanning from drawing, painting, furniture, large scale installation and in film. His migration from Romania to Queens at the age of 10, has infused his work with a skewed fascination for American Entertainment, Film, History, Manufactured Architectural Material, Graphic Design and Cartoons. Impulse, contrasts and contradictions fuel the work, between crassness and tact, the dull and the energetic and between rigor and accident.

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